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Widowhood Workshop

The Stephan Center in Corona is offereing a virtual repeat of the Widowhood Workshop that was hosted here last year. This one will be facilitated over Zoom on May 4th, May 11th, and May 18th. Visit www.thestephancenter.org to register.
Click here to register on the web site (www.thestephancenter.org)
Hey Everybody...

It's that time of year again. Join us for our annual Easter egg hunt.

The hunt will be in front of the Beaumont Church of Christ on
Easter Sunday, April 9th, 2023, at 12:30pm.

Please be advised that children must bring their own baskets.

So swing on by.

And we also invite you to service, starting at 11:00am.

960 East Oak Valley Parkway
Beaumont, California
Beaumont Church of Christ, Beaumont, Ca.
Beaumont Church of Christ, Beaumont, Ca.
Beaumont Church of Christ
Beaumont Church of Christ
Beaumont Church of Christ

::   We are pleased to present a weekly discussion called "Pauls Ponder". It is spiritually brought to us by Paul Schlosser. You can reach it here.

::  The latest OPPORTUNITIES OF THE CHURCH are available for viewing by clicking here.

Jesus praying

Our Creator is pleased with our worship and adoration of Him and He alone is worthy of it. Creator God calls us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices and to regularly come together in fellowship for worship and praise. We are happy to observe standard precautions while inside the building: Our time inside the building has been reduced. Everyone still washes hands and gets their temperature taken. We will "shake elbows" instead of hands. The air in the auditorium is exhausted through a special vent built just for this purpose. We will visit outside in the fresh air as much as possible.
Our worship time on Sundays will be available on YouTube beginning at 10:55 a.m. for those who choose to worship from home. Our YouTube channel is “Where Love Dwells Ministries.” Members, look for the instructions to join the livestream in your email. Thank you for your cooperation. May God give us the victory!

You are welcome to view our online services by clicking here.


Due to the coronavirus, the following information is presented:

March 26, 2020

Comfort and Joy

We look to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the provisions He has made for His body, the church. He has made sure that regardless of our earthly circumstances, when we are heavenly-minded, He comforts us, and gives us true joy.

Good evening, church! I'm here to remind you that He has appointed you and me to be His arms, His hands, His feet. As God the Father, Son, and Spirit indwells us we are made alive to spread the good news and encourage one another.

The elders continue to visit with as many members as we can by text, email and phone, and we talk together to see what more we can do. Listen-in to our prayer, that we all...

1. Pray without ceasing! If fasting will enhance your prayer life this week, do it!
2. Find a few "buddies" to get to know a little better during this "season". The closeness you can build with a few brothers or sisters in the next few weeks will not be forgotten.
3. Increase our time in the Word. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by ... the word of God. Rom 10:17

Now consider this: As you pray, and as you draw closer to a few others, and as you listen to God, you're going to find new comfort and new joy. And, you know, you may find someone who needs a hand. Act on that, and help your neighbor. And if you learn of needs that go beyond what you know to do, the elders invite you to use our "Call Center". Hershel and Pat Wilson are volunteering to take your calls to start the chain of loving support. If you have a need, or see a challenge that can use some congregational support, but you don't know exactly what to do, call one of them. They have some time right now, and are prepared to seek solutions within the congregation and within our community. Call the church number: 951-845-1404. Messages are retrieved daily.

Some of our jobs may dry up. As members of one another, we are going to find ways to get needed support. Sometimes help is available but we don't know how to get to it. If you learn of a good resource, share it on this Google Group, and/or share it with Hershel and Pat so they can know more what to advise on.

We need to know who among us does not get on the internet, or sees our Google Group messages. They will need to be called so the messages get to them. And they will need a bulletin mailed to them. Who would like to help with that for a few weeks? And our communion food needs to be distributed. Some may need some help with groceries. And don't forget that prayer of faith that can be said over the phone. I hear of members praying in this way who never would have done that before, but these times are calling us to new designs, new efforts! And you ARE contacting each other, and that is great!

As you have seen, we are creating an online worship service for our members and the public. It includes Bible reading and preaching, encouragement, and singing, and includes ASL interpretation (or transcripts) for the hearing impaired. We hope everyone with a computer will join in. Some LIFE groups are using Zoom to view this online service at the same time, and to create other fellowship moments. Many of you have asked about how to contribute your weekly offerings. For now, those who write checks can mail them to PO Box AH, Beaumont, CA 92223. If you wish, you may save your donations in your Kids For Kids buckets and when we meet again, bring them in for a giant collection. Won't that be exciting!

Be the church!

The elders
Hershel Wilson, Larry Meissner, Doug Padgett


March 22, 2020

Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me..." John 14:1

It is time to show the world the "peace that passes understanding" (Philippians 4:7).

The elders have met together, and prayed together, and listened to the guidance from our County, State, and national officials, and determined that our congregation should postpone our normal assemblies for a few weeks. Therefore, this week's, and next week's LIFE groups are cancelled, and there will be no Sunday assembly for the next two weeks (and maybe longer) for Bible class and joint worship. Notice I said joint worship. This doesn't mean we stop our worship. "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name..." You remember the rest! And...L-I-F-E still stands for Learn, Involve, Fellowship, and Evangelize. We just have to pray for guidance on how to manage that in these restrictive times.

Hope propels us every day. Today, and this week, are no different. Our immediate hope is that we will resume our assemblies on April 5, 2020, with a potluck and special singing time with Brandon and Dave. Please pray hard for this to come about. That would mean that God will have performed miraculous deeds to quell the infections in our communities, and bring healing to the land. The Elders will be praying fervently! We know you will be, too.

In the meantime, Peter Mostert and Gregg Downing are preparing special lessons, and we are working on a special recorded song list and video recordings that will be presented on our website for this Sunday (March 22).

Jude 1
24 Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling,
And to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy,
25 To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, Be glory and majesty, Dominion and power,
Both now and forever.


March 15, 2020
A note from the elders about our procedures for the Lord’s Supper today.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Infection prevention has become a major issue for our country and our churches. We are planning some changes in the way we serve the Lord’s Supper today.

We have purchased individual ‘servings’ for use this week. These consist of individual packages that include a small wafer of unleavened bread and a standard size cup of juice. To use these, you will peel off the top cover to access the bread and a separate cover to access the juice.

As you enter the auditorium for worship, you will find trays at the back with these packages. Please pick up one for yourself as you enter. If you pick up more than one, pick up only enough for your family members. We have only a limited number, so make sure you know who in the family is picking them up. TOUCH ONLY THE ONE(S) YOU OR YOUR FAMILY WILL USE.

Prayers will be offered from the table as usual, but no one will pass trays down the aisles.

At the appropriate time,

1. We will have our usual prayer for the bread. At that time, everyone will peel off the thin top cover and partake of the bread together.

2. Then, we will have a prayer for the fruit of the vine. Everyone will peel off the second cover and partake of the cup together.

3. There will be a prayer for the offering, but the baskets will not be passed. Boxes will be at the back for you to place your offering in, either as you enter or as you leave.

We pray this is an over-abundance of caution, but it is something we consider wise for the current times.

We will continue praying for the health and safety of our kingdom family.


March 15, 2020

A note from the elders about keeping yourself well.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have taken note that many churches have suspended their services for a time. We do not want to do that. However, we are conscious of how the risk of getting out in public settings is much higher for individuals over 60, and those with existing health issues. We are encouraging our members and guests to keep yourself well, and to remain at home if you have any ongoing complications with your health, and any current signs of respiratory illness, such as fever or cough, or shortness of breath. Please be responsible and monitor yourself for any cold-like symptoms.

Please, do not come to an assembly if you feel ill. If you have traveled to any restricted country, or have been with someone who has, please stay home. Help the congregation by giving the elders suggestions on how to communicate with and support those who are needing to stay home.

We’ll be replacing hand-shakes with gestures, and, as much as possible, giving ourselves some distance while we gather. This is awkward, to be sure. But it is of great importance. Limiting exposure by self-isolation when one has signs of respiratory illness is reducing the rate of the spread of the virus.
(see #FlattenTheCurve)

Please notice that we have installed alcohol foam dispensers in the fellowship hall and in the foyer. Apply this foam liberally as you enter these rooms by placing one hand under the unit, then rubbing your hands together until dry. It is automatic, and one measure is enough. Remember, washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds is the most important thing you can do to stay well. Learn to refrain from touching your face with your hands.
We are thankful that “community spread” of COVID-19 is minimal in the Inland Empire. Let’s keep working together to keep this a low-level event by limiting our community interaction as much as possible outside of our church gatherings and changing our behavior to include infection prevention techniques.

::   Ladies, we are pleased to present an uplifting weekly discussion called "Princess Warriors". We welcome Debbie Schlosser as our latest contributor to our blog section of this website. What began as a ladies' Bible class is now a weekly written feature. Debbie's Bible lessons are presented to all who wish to consider themselves Princess Warriors in the Kingdom. There are always lots of scriptures that touch the hearts of our great sisters locally and around the world. To visit her blog section, click here, and enjoy!


::  We are so very happy to present an uplifting weekly discussion called "Pauls Ponder". It is spiritually brought to us by Paul Schlosser. You can reach it by clicking here.

::  We are pleased to present uplifting sermons by Peter Mostert. His blog is ongoing and can be reached here.

::  Opportunities of the Church

Beaumont Church of Christ, Beaumont, California
Beaumont Church of Christ, Beaumont, California
Beaumont Church of Christ, Beaumont, California
Beaumont Church of Christ, Beaumont, California
Beaumont Church of Christ, Beaumont, California

::  Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study


Join us for virtual weekly visits to Israel! Our Sunday morning adult Bible study class watches and discusses a professionally produced video each week related to the history of Israel. These inspiring and informative lessons take us to the sites of events described in the Bible relating not just the history, but the culture surrounding those events. The current series discusses the Hebrew people in Egypt, how God heard their cry from the depths of slavery, and their preparations for the Exodus. Most importantly, we take the lessons learned by the people described in the Bible and relate them to our culture and circumstances to determine what God expects of us today.

::  2019 and Older Archives

Workshop: Discipleship & Spiritual Disciplines,
Carl & Alicia Williamson December 7-8

Spark of Love Toy Drive Service Project morning of December 14

Christmas Caroling evening of December 14

News Years Eve Game Night at the building until midnight;
Lock-in for teens from midnight to 8AM at Morrow’s December 31

Gregg & Vilde Downing onsite visit January 3,4,5

Mission Guatemala Update, Hawatthia Jones Wednesday, January 15

Guest Preacher: Joel Coppinger January 19

Harding Spring Break Domestic Missions Training Visit March 7-14

Saturday-Sunday 12/7 and 12/8: Discipleship & Spiritual Disciplines Workshop: Join us on Saturday December 7, from 10:30-2:30 pm as Carl and Alicia Williamson guide us in active learning through prayer and meditation. They will be sharing information in three areas: 1) How to be close with God through spiritual disciplines; 2) How to be vulnerable and accountable; and 3) How to share faith with others. On Sunday, Carl will be teaching and preaching about maturing into the people that God wants us to be. This is a great opportunity to invite church leaders from other congregations and friends from the community. Lunch will be catered for those attending on Saturday. Please sign up yourself and your guests on the easel in the church lobby by Wednesday, December 4.

Saturday morning, 12/14: Service Opportunity: SIGN UP NOW to VOLUNTEER to help Beaumont Fire Station 66 separate and bag the toys that will be distributed to children in need. Volunteers should meet at the church building by 9:30am on Saturday, and be ready to lave for the Fire Station by 9:45am. Firefighters will provide pizza and drinks for all the volunteers on Saturday. Also there is a strong possibility that volunteers will be needed for a second day, which will be on Sunday, December 15 starting at 2 PM. The church will provide lunch for all volunteers here at the buidling immediately following our morning worship service. Sign-up sheets are located at the back of the auditorium. If you have any questions, please see Arlene.

Saturday, 12/14: Christmas Caroling: Please join us to sing Christmas carols on Saturday, December 14th, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Meeting place and caroling destinations will be announced.

Ladies’ Bible Study is on hiatus until the New Year:Ladies, we are taking a break for the holidays, so there will be no Monday evening Bible Study for the rest of November and December. Mark your calendars now for January 13; we will resume meeting Monday, January 6, from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at the church building,

LIFE Groups: LIFEstands for Learn, Involve, Fellowship, and Evangelize. We invite one and all to come experience a LIFE group where you can deepen your relationship with Christ and with fellow Christians.


Wednesday Nights on The Lawn

It's that time again! Every year we spend our Wednesday night study time outside on the lawn! BBQ, games, fellowship, singing and Bible study! Starts, July 2, 2014 thru August 25, 2014. Open to the Community, Come and Join Us! Time-- 6:00 PM.

Deaf Ministries

We offer interpretation for the deaf during our Sunday morning worship assembly (10:45-12pm). We have enjoyed getting to know our church members who are deaf and we will be starting a sign language class to help us all learn to communicate better! One of our members, Robin Prowse, will be teaching this practical application of American Sign Language (ASL).

2018 Adult Class Fall/Winter

If you have been interested in the Holy Spirit and wanted a chance to ask questions, our class on Sunday mornings gives you this opportunity! Our current class for adults is a study of the Holy Spirit, a distinct person of the Godhead. (Matthew 28:16-20) We are learning how important it is to open our eyes and recognize Him working in our lives. This is an interactive study, and completely Bible-based. In everything we do, the scriptures guide us. Join us in the Fellowship Hall Classroom, starting at 9:45am, and feel free to come early for refreshments at 9:15 a.m.!

We have Bible classes at 9:45 a.m. for children of all ages, so bring the family!

Vacation  Bible  School

join  us

Join us for the fun....great for kids of all sizes.

Every year the Beaumont Church of Christ offers a great week of fun and learning....Vacation Bible School. We will post the information here as the time approaches. So check back often. You can also sign up to receive news from time to time, including announcements for upcoming events, in the short form below.

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