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The Work of the Beaumont Church of Christ

The Beaumont Church of Christ is organized into several ministries. The descriptions of the below listed ministries are expressions of the purpose and mission of each ministry. Each ministry is flexible and may not involve all members in every task. Individuals may participate regularly or only occasionally, as we dedicate our time. If you have questions or suggestions, or need the services of any of the ministries, please contact the coordinator. Many activities of the congregation will involve multiple ministries and may, from time to time, be conducted by different ministries.

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Our  Ministries

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       - Youth Ministry (IMPACT)
       - Missions and Outreach Ministry
       - Seniors' Ministry
       - Welcoming and Communication Ministry
       - Men's Ministry
       - Worship Assembly & Adult Education Ministry
       - Children's Ministry
       - Facilities Ministry
       - Women's Ministry
       - Benevolence Ministry
       - Visitation Ministry
       - Stewardship and Finance


Youth Ministry (IMPACT)

IMPACT will center on creating a positive learning environment that encourages attendance for our youth and their friends. Teens should come out of IMPACT with a strong understanding of our God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, which they can use as a foundation for their adult lives. IMPACT teens will develop a historical knowledge of the Bible, as well as learn its application. (John 14:22-24; John 15:1-11)


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Missions and Outreach Ministry

We strive to reach out and connect with our community, our visitors, and the world sharing God's word so that everyone would come to know and accept the love of Jesus. Our goal is to provide dedicated leadership in the planning, coordination, and support of missions both local and foreign including in-home Bible studies, correspondence courses, etc.

Coordinator:   Larry Meissner

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Seniors' Ministry

The Seniors Ministry works to meet the needs of the senior members of the congregation for fellowship and service in order to teach and train.


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Welcoming and Communication Ministry

We want to welcome every member and every guest into the fellowship we enjoy with our creator and with each other. Our goal is that everyone who comes near sees the love and mercy of our Lord.

The Welcoming and Communication Ministry exists to prepare all members to be ready to receive all guests warmly. We want our collective behavior to reflect our belief that everyone's thirst is only truly satisfied through fellowship with God and His body, the Church. This ministry supports the flow of information through bulletins, newsletters, directories, flyers, advertising, publicity, and web sites.

The Welcoming and Communication ministry shall stay in close touch with those involved in the Worship Assembly, Mission and Outreach, and Visitation Ministries to increase our effectiveness. We will be prepared to encourage and refer members and newcomers to congregational ministries to increase involvement.

Coordinator:   Doug Padgett

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Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry exists to prayerfully support men in fulfilling each man's purpose, responsibility, and promises.

We believe the purpose of every man is to honor, desire, love, and obey God. Every man is accountable to God, his family, and his community to live responsibly and provide spiritual leadership. We recognize the unique needs of men to sharpen and hone each other, and to motivate each other.

We recognize the value of men's fellowship in supporting men in service, in sacrifice, and in fulfilling their purpose. Biblical teaching will be offered regularly to teach men their God-given roles. Fellowship opportunities will be initiated and supported.

Coordinator:   Larry Meissner

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Worship Assembly & Adult Education Ministry

The goal of worship in the assembly is to exercise our desire for God, and to actively encourage one another to love and good works. The goal is achieved when congregational participation is high.

The Worship Assembly Ministry exists to ensure that quality preparation is made for the assembly, where the Church gathers and God is present. Advance preparation includes prayerful planning, appropriate and rotating assignment of chosen themes or topics among those involved, utilization of a good sound system and making lesson recordings available. This ministry collaborates with the preaching ministry and adult education program.

Men will be given opportunity to use their leadership and teaching gifts. Training will be provided for men to improve their existing abilities.


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Children's Ministry

The purpose of the Children's Ministry is to support a congregational culture where church is a fun place where children will want to come; where they can experience the truth of God's word in developmentally appropriate ways. The Children's Ministry will be visible to the congregation so children's passion for learning and loving God returns back to ignite the hearts of everyone in the congregation. The children's ministry will be visible to the community and will share in meeting outreach goals through enduring short-term and long-term goals and a clear mission. Curriculum will be Bible-based, theme-driven, and will support families as they shoulder the responsibility of teaching their children God's

Coordinator:   Doug Padgett

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Facilities Ministry

The purpose of the Facilities Ministry is to coordinate the maintenance of the physical plant and promote the involvement of the members in work-day projects, oversee janitorial services, plan and schedule work activities throughout the year.

Coordinator:   Larry Meissner

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Women's Ministry

Led by our elder's wives for women, we endeavor to support the spiritual and personal issues that women face. Through study and fellowship, we encourage each other's commitment to God and development of enduring relationships that reflect and inspire Godliness. We promote and conduct activities which provide opportunities both to study and to serve.


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Benevolence Ministry

The goal of the Benevolence Ministry is to give power to the preaching of the gospel by showing mercy. In the name of Jesus, we wish to seek out any and all opportunities to meet the physical needs of the members of the congregation and our community.

Our service will include help with food, clothing, housing and maintenance for those in need. Special attention will be given to the coordination of food for the sick, bereaved, and shut-ins. We will also promote the teaching of individual responsibility to our neighbor, awareness of injustice in the world, and the joy of giving. One person acting in kindness can affect another. We wish to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that he himself said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)

We will seek volunteers for service and maintain a list of those who offer their talents to help those in need. We will stay in close touch with those involved in the Visitation Ministry.

Coordinator:   Doug Padgett

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Visitation Ministry

The purpose of the Visitation Ministry is to share the love of God offering many activities, including Bible study, and in-home and hospital visits to church members and friends.

The Visitation Ministry may arrange for the provision of meals for those recovering from surgery, giving birth, or other hospitalization or convalescence with meals for a few days after their return home. The ministry may provide transportation to and from worship, Bible studies, other church activities, or other appointments for our members and friends without regular transportation. Some visits may be conducted by telephone, especially in the case of a "wellness check" on shut-ins.

The Ministry works closely with the eldership to identify and meet the needs of the congregation. Some efforts of the Visitation Ministry will require coordination with various other ministries, including the Benevolence Ministry and the Sister Acts branch of the Women's Ministry.

Coordinator:   Larry Meissner

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Stewardship and Finance

Stewardship of the tithes and offerings is the focus of this ministry. All banking, check-writing, and financial reports are overseen using generally acceptable accounting principles, including appropriate division of duties. Prudent insurance policies are obtained and regular and transparent reporting is provided to the congregation.

Coordinator:   Larry Meissner

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